A Little About Ever

Born & Raised

I am a cowboy. Not really but I was born in Central Texas in the late 80s. I grew up in a conservative, God-fearing household with parents who had a strong moral standard. Today, I would consider myself a second-generation teacher of the Word. At the time of this writing, my father pastors a local church in North Carolina.

We moved to North Carolina when I was about seven years old and it was there that I spent most of my life. I would say that my life growing up was pleasant and secure. My brothers and I always had everything we needed and never went without. My father is a hard-working man who always provided for us. My mother has always been a giver and always puts her children before herself.

We attended church every Sunday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and eventually Wednesdays, and some Saturdays. It was jam-packed with church service most of my life. At least that is what it felt like. Through this lifestyle, I was very familiar with scripture, memorizing verses, and having some basic understanding of gospel elements such as:

  • Believing in Christ dying on the cross for our sins.
  • Those who accept Him go to heaven and those who don’t will be punished to Hell for eternity.
  • After accepting Christ, you must go to church, and serve in the Church.
  • Behave in a godly way as evidence of your conversion to the faith.
  • There would be a rapture of the believers who were found holy the moment He comes back.
  • So therefore, strive to stay holy for his return which could be any moment.

This was my personal understanding of the Christian life.

The Real Ever Please Stand Up

The way I would describe my relationship with the Lord growing up in a Christian home is, “I didn’t have one”. I had much Bible knowledge in me and this would follow me throughout my youth but I can surely say that even though I knew truth, I was not living it. I was not in pursuit of the Lord’s heart and honestly, at that time of my life, I didn’t know how to do that nor do I think I was taught how to do so. I was lacking a real understanding of the fear of God in my life.

When I hit middle school, I started to express my “real self” behind closed doors. I was one person in school with a circle of influence around me and another person at home. I slowly began to dabble into x-rated graphic magazines and videos and eventually smoking, and drug use. When I was “old enough” to do what I wanted, I started to skip church services and my rebellion slowly began to show my true colors, I look back now and see that after much rebellion towards my upbringing, my parents handed me over to the Lord.

One instance I can look back to is a time when I took shrooms with a few others and we went outside at the edge of a wooded area and laid there looking up into the sky. We were all stoned and out of our minds, yet we sat there, looking into the sky, pondering on how the coming of Jesus would be. We exchanged visuals on how it would look when the Lord arrived with His angels and what we would do if it were to happen that night.

My life carried on this way for a few years and I felt myself getting deeper into this vice and I seemed to only work for my next hit. When I was “dating” my now wife, for the first time, I really felt the weight of the life I was living and where I was headed. My wife, Sarah is one of sound judgment. Never smoked, drank, and rarely used any profanity. So she was constantly encouraging me to quit my habits of smoking and drug use. At this time Sarah was a member of the Mormon church and was pursuing much of what the church offered.

I had no clue what was Mormonism was until someone “warned” me to watch out with Sarah because she was Mormon. Their approach to this brought curiosity to my mind and I went to do some internet research on Mormonism. This venture of reading through Mormon theology and doctrine caused me to think of my upbringing and the word that was somehow implanted in me. I began to strongly question much of this doctrine and asked Sarah to explain it to me. There is no valid explanation on how the LDS church follows the KJV bible yet the Book of Mormon contradicts the scripture.

Well through this journey, my heart began to soften to the Lord because I was at this point in my life acknowledging the truth of the word as something important and worth exploring.

I am a Christian

I would say. However, I still smoked sometimes about a pack of cigarettes a day. I remember Sarah thinking I was out of mind to call myself a Christian yet live the way I was.

Rescued Out Of Darkness

Meanwhile, a couple of cousins had turned their lives over to the Lord and I didn’t know about this. One of my cousins, who had visited Texas, was back in town and out of the blue reached out to me. He invited me to play music with him and another cousin who through his journey found his way back to the Lord. I didn’t ask questions, I just accepted and he came for me in the evening to jam.

I entered his car through the passenger side and noticed a Bible lying on the seat. It was purposely put there to be seen. I ignored it and placed it in the back seat. On the way to the location he played Christian music and I found that to be odd but knew something was up. We arrived at my Uncle’s Church house. We played music that evening, and I remember feeling such peace as we left.

A few days to a week later, we repeated the same routine, and that’s when I knew it was time for me. I needed to surrender my life to the Father and start a new life. I told my cousins that same night and they called for my Uncle who lived minutes away from the building. I was led through the prayer and with a sincere heart, I gave my life over fully from my heart, mind, and soul. Though I had been baptized at this point and wouldn’t be for years, I was freed from my addictions. No withdrawals, patches, or anything of the sort. I was free.

Truth Seeker

Fast forward to 2007, Sarah and I were married. We had both given our lives to the Lord and committed to serve him. It was a struggle for the first years of our walk with the Lord. First, we both didn’t want to do religion. Sarah had some come out of religion and second, I knew deep inside there was more to this walk with Christ than just Church. We attended a couple of Churches that we felt were aligned more with what we were seeking both doctrinally and practically. However, the longer we stayed, the more we felt something was missing.

We had no idea what it was we were looking for but if I could put words to it, it would be “something real!”. Early in our walk with the Lord, I had a revelation about baptism in Jesus name. I searched the Web for people who believed the same and found pockets of people here and there. My username or handle across the Web at this time was “TruthSeeker146”. All I wanted was the truth.

I was baptized in Jesus’ name about 2 years after I said the prayer and filled with the Holy Spirit about another 2 years after my water baptism. My journey to spiritual freedom took years to complete. We still didn’t have the kind of discipleship we needed to understand what freedom from sin was and how to steward it properly.

Though we couldn’t put words to it, what we wanted was a body of genuine believers who were living the life, not outward but inward. I understood what holiness should look like, but even at this point, I didn’t know how to have a relationship with the Father. I equated a relationship with God with understanding doctrine at a deeper level. So I dived into the word more and more.

I received much revelation from the Lord through my pursuit but I was missing what mattered; the life. Again I found myself being full of head knowledge but not living the life. Now, however, it was different. I was striving to know God but thought it was knowledge. There were glimpses of life in me as I had the pull to go but having no idea what that was, all I could is be frustrated.

As the worship leader of one of the last church congregations we were part of, I would share with the team that we should go out and do a sort of outreach on the streets. We should take our instruments, and post up, and play music. There was great excitement for this idea but no action. We never did go out to do it. How could we if we didn’t know how?

A New And Living Way Since 2019

A good friend of mine invited me to a TLR Kickstart. I had no idea what a Kickstart was or even who was behind it. His mother followed this ministry called “The Last Reformation” and sent an invite to my friend. He said this even would show us how to evangelize and hit the streets with the gospel. I was skeptical, assuming it would be a simple conference so I said “no”. He signed me up anyway and I ended up going to my first Kickstart in Nov 2019, and this is where everything changed.

There was a missing puzzle piece in my life that I didn’t realize was missing until this weekend. I remember sitting there on the first day and listening to Torben, the founder of TLR, teach about Christian Vs Disciple, healing and deliverance (driving demons out of people), and I remember thinking to myself:

I know this already. Tell me something I don’t know.

I thought this to myself because many of these concepts had been explored within our family and community. Even the topic of healing and deliverance— I had witnessed this growing up in a Pentecostal household where we met in homes and witnessed miracles almost regularly. So at this point in the Kickstart, I thought I would hear more information that I didn’t need. I can see this mindset was created by the heart posture that knowledge is power and if you already “know” something then you feel empty.

After the teaching on healing and deliverance, Torben called people who needed healing or deliverance to come up. A group of people were brought up along with others who wanted to pray for them. I stayed in my seat. The first lady he prayed for fell right now the moment he started to speak and at that moment something changed in me. Torben began to command the spirits to leave her and with authority, he continued. I thought to myself,

Why is everyone just sitting here?

I was sitting among about two to three hundred people when my head shot up like a mole in a Whack-a-mole game. I told myself that I had to get to the front and see this close-up. I approached the front and on my way, I walked by a brother who was in the side room eating a honeybun. I glanced over and thought to myself,

That is blasphemy. This is a holy moment and he is eating a honeybun.

My Realization

As I watched this take place, I realized that this was the missing piece in my life: true life. I was not walking in the truth that I knew and had seen growing up. here was a moment in my life when I believed that the working of the Spirit had ceased. Not because of anything God decided but because the church had become cold. I was even up to that point teaching about healing and casting demons out but within me, this was so far from reality.

Going back to around the year 2013 (more or less), six years before this Kickstart, Sarah was reading 1 Corinthians 14 one Sunday morning before service and she asked me the question, “Why do we not see tongues and interpretations anymore?” My response to her was:

Yea, Those days are over. They ended in the 90s. You missed it, Sorry!

She really took it to heart and I really meant it from the heart. That same day at the service, there was an unexpected occurrence during the praise music session. There was silence that covered the room and suddenly there was a tongue given on one side of the room. Seconds later, there was an interpretation given. Sarah and I were floored at this point. I remember the word given that day. It was along the lines of:

I am with you. It may not look like it but I am here. I am looking for clean vessels to use.

I was in tears; Sarah was in tears. Through the word that was given, I felt rebuked by the Lord, while Sarah felt comforted by Him. And now more than ever we were seeking truth and real life.

A New Relationship With God

After the kickstart, the call to go only got stronger. The only way I can explain what took place within me is that there was a missing puzzle piece to the years of searching for the life. This kickstart weekend was used to place the piece there. I hit the ground running. At the moment, I didn’t need any extra training, teaching, or hands-on experience. This call was so built up in me, that I just needed someone to give me a shove and I ran after the Lord in the Harvest. I began to see healings, and deliverances on the streets, in our home gatherings, in my family. God was speaking louder than ever before, but I realized it wasn’t that He wasn’t speaking before, it was me blocking Him with all my head knowledge and no open heart. For the first time, I knew how to pursue God’s heart and have a real relationship with Him from the heart.

For so long, my religious mind told me that the heart was deceitful and never to use your heart to serve God, only your mind. And this was proven to be a tactic of the enemy for when your heart is in alignment with God’s heart, He will lead your heart and mind to all truth. This was the missing link; love and obedience to God.

Quit Our Jobs, Left Our Home, Bought A Bus.

After seeing many people transformed by the power of the Spirit, I wanted to see this happen to others, more than just on weekends, more than just at kickstart events. I wanted this to be a daily lifestyle. I had felt the burden of the call to “go” for a couple of years by this time, and somehow it all came together. There were a series of questions I asked Sarah and myself after experiencing the Lord work like never before.

  • Q: Do we want to work more for the Lord? A: Yes we do.
  • Q: Why don’t we see it more? A: Because there isn’t time.
  • Q: Why not? A: We work. (We had corporate jobs that required much of our time)
  • Q: Why? A: Mortgage, bills, etc.

This series of questions, along with a heart check if we truly trusted God for our well-being versus trusting our jobs for our provisions, caused us to take a step into a season of “going”. So we set off to ask the Lord what that looked like and the conversation with Him led us to put the house on the market, give our one-month notice at our corporate jobs, and purchase a school bus to convert. As of the time of this writing, it has been four years since we made that move and we have not looked back. We have lived off and on in the bus but have never needed to pay rent or mortgage wherever we go.

Working With The Last Reformation

In 2020, we took the bus and joined the TLR team after attending the Luke 10 school and getting more equipped with discipleship and evangelism. Through the inner change that was happening in me, the Lord spoke to me and asked me to just learn for the next season. The highlights of what I learned from the training is this:

  • We are all called to preach the gospel and walk people through the born-again experience.
  • The Spirit of God is working the same as He was in the book of Acts.
  • The Harvest is great but the workers are few. Let’s be workers.
  • We can all set people free by driving demons out and healing the sick. Do it.
  • We can live a life worry-free of the cares of the world and in many ways live a Luke-10 lifestyle.

Our lives were transformed. We traveled with TLR for the next year as well as helped with a few 2 months Luke 10 schools, a handful of 3-week PTS schools, and two main tent meetings in Chicago and New Hampshire, where the tent blew down by a demonic storm (Video here). Sarah was injured under the tent because of the storm and I thought for sure she was done with this mobile life and demanded we go back to our previous lifestyle of “security and comfort”.

The Gospel of The Kingdom

In 2022 I was encountered with a sobering truth that would send me on a journey and eventually shape who I am today. This was the question I had to ask myself:

What is the Gospel?

Because this has had a great impact on my life, I have dedicated a page for this journey. You can read more about it on “A New Love For The Gospel”.

Family On A Mission

Now we are a family on a mission. Our mission is to see the Lord at His coming. To be confident at His arrival and not shrink back.

You can read more about our family mission and vision at loscalamacos.com

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